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Build your backend,

From your Flutter app to your backend in the cloud, Celest helps you build every piece of your application in Dart, all without leaving your IDE.

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After installing the Celest CLI, visit our documentation to start building your backend!

Activate the builder in you

All in Dart

Build your backend features in Dart, with no additional packages or tooling!

Iterate locally fast

Run celest start to test your changes instantly.

Serverless Backend

Use a single command celest deploy to update your backend.

Code your backend in Dart


Build serverless functions that run in the cloud.


Authenticate your users with social sign-in, passwordless and WebAuthn.

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Define your data schema, relationships, and authorization rules in code.

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Author fine-grained access controls for all your backend components.

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Serve content globally with edge caching built in.



No credit card required. Always free.

  • 50,000 function invocations / project / mo.
  • 1,000 monthly active users / project / mo.
  • 3 free projects
  • Cold starts

To get started, run: celest deploy


Perfect for solo developers who need power.

  • 500,000 function invocations / project / mo.
  • 10,000 monthly active users / project / mo.
  • 3 premium projects
  • Unlimited free projects
$20 / month

Celest pricing

The Solo tier includes 3 premium projects and unlimited free projects. Free projects have limited resources and cold starts, but cost you nothing to run.

Every premium project comes with an included amount of usage. If your project scales beyond these limits, you pay for any additional resources as you go.

Included usage (per free project)
Functions50,000 invocations
Auth1,000 monthly active users (MAUs)
Included usage (per premium project)
Functions500,000 invocations
Auth10,000 monthly active users (MAUs)
Additional usage
Projects$0 / free project
$10 / premium project
Functions$1 / 10,000 invocations
Auth$0.01 / MAU

To sign up, run: celest subscribe


Manage organizations and invite your team to collaborate.

  • Multiple team members
  • Role-based access controls
  • Auto-scaling
  • Priority support
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