What is Celest?

Celest is a backend-as-a-service for Flutter developers that enables you to build your backend entirely in Dart. Build the use cases you need without any additional tooling or context switching to different programming languages. Celest lets you write your backend in Dart, enabling you to share logic between your Flutter app and your backend.

How do I use Celest?

You primarily interact with Celest using the Celest CLI.

Once you download and install the CLI, run celest start from your Flutter project to create the celest folder. This folder contains all of your backend logic. The CLI will watch for changes in this folder and hot-reload your backend as you work. A client library is automatically generated for you in your Flutter app. When you feel confident with your changes, use the CLI to deploy your backend to the cloud.

Celest offers a set of "Cloud Widgets"—constructs that encapsulate functionality on the backend. Using these widgets you can declaratively define your backend features such as serverless functions and authentication.

What can I build with Celest?

The following Cloud Widgets are available to build your backend:

Note: We will be rolling out new features and functionality over the coming months. If there's a use case you'd like to see which isn't listed here, please let us know by creating an issue (opens in a new tab) in our GitHub repo or chatting with us on Discord.

FunctionsBuild functions that run in the cloud with your custom business logic.
AuthAuthenticate your users with social sign-in, passwordless and WebAuthn.
Data (coming soon)Define your data schema, relationships, and authorization rules in code.
Policies (coming soon)Author fine-grained access controls for all your backend components.
Content (coming soon)Serve content globally with edge caching built-in.

Next steps

Follow the next guide to set up the CLI and get started building your backend in Dart.